Beuys, Transdisciplinarity and a Sustainable Future

The SSRU encourages and explores transdisciplinary creativity and vision towards the shaping of a humane and ecologically viable society. It engages with Beuys thinking and work, as well as those before and after him – making available some of the insights, inquiries and explorations in this multidimensional field.

Connective Aesthetics and Agents of Change

Our work as agents of change includes a focus on connective practices, which explore the role of imagination and other modes of thought in transformative process. Informed by an expanded conception of art, we are active both within and beyond the sphere of art.

Connective Practice towards Social and Ecological Justice

Linking artists, activists, projects, members of the public and researchers from various practices, thought spaces, and regions of the world, the SSRU creates opportunities for dialogue processes, transdisciplinary research and connective practices that contribute to creative transformation, social and ecological justice and the shaping of a humane and non-exploitative world.

Participation and Dialogue

We hope you will contribute to the field by participating in the events and activities of the Social Sculpture Research Unit and its related projects. These can be found on this site and also via the Social Sculpture Research Unit Facebook group. There is also an Opportunities section on this site, which describes several ways that you can get actively involved.

Social Sculpture: ‘Another world is possible’

Our territory and practices are wide and varied because social sculpture has to do with exploring new values, new forms of thinking and new ways of being in the world.