Earth Forum

Earth Forum is a ‘module’ of the University of the Trees developed in a small village in South Africa in 2002, and then tested for use in Germany, South Africa and the UK since the beginning of 2011. and Germany during 2011.  Earth Forum is a mobile, simple but intensive multi-stakeholder process open to everyone. It empowers people by enabling them to experience the often, unrecognized capacities and abilities that we all have and that make us equal. Earth Forum highlights ‘capacity building’ of a special kind which people can carry into their work, their NGO practices and their daily lives. Since May 2011, when the first small team of Earth Forum ‘responsible participants’ were trained in South Africa, by its initiator, Shelley Sacks, it has worked with over a thousand people in South Africa, Germany, UK and now in Portugal, where more than 150 ‘facilitators’ or ‘multiplicators’ have been trained and are taking the process forward.