Wider Network

The SSRU wider network includes people, projects and organisations that are working actively with the SSRU in one or more areas of its activity.

It also includes ‘friends’ who are working in parallel territories and projects and are in dialogue with core group members.

Alex Arteaga; Stephanie Fuller; James Reed; Jane Rendell; Enno Schmidt; Graham van Wyk; Caroline Tisdall; Johannes Stuttgen; Maritta Kochweser; Ian Cook; Barb Jacobson [EU Citizens Network]; Jyoti Sahi; Judy Ling-Wong /UN Biosphere programme; Clive Adams; Sam Bower/Greenmuseum; Michael Baader/Foundation for Culture and Ecology; Jonathan Klugman/Mira -Melbourne; Omnibus for Direct Democracy; Rainer Rappmann and the FIU Verlag; Ignaz anderson/Iona Sticting; Forum Ort des Treffens [Hannover]; Siddhartha/Fireflies [Bangalore]; Anja Steckling; Nicholas Stronzcyk; Transition Towns; Janhavi Dhamankar [Pune]; Rhea Thoenges-Stringaris [Germany and Greece]; Association for Social Development; Richard Demarco; PLATFORM; Sven Riemer/Buchkinder project, Leipzig; Owen Griffiths -Vetchveg; Rosa van Wyk; Fern Thomas/Institute for Imagined Futures; Citizen Art Days [Berlin]; Isis Brooks/Crossfields Institute; Alanus University – Art in Dialogue; David Abram/AWE; Karlsruhe Pedagogical Arts programme; Mia Eisenstadt/Reos;  Sacha Kagan/Leuphania University, Sustainability programme; Anke Lowensprung; George Thierry Hamja/Participatory Mapping/Rainforest Foundation; Clare Cochrane/Democracy Now; Kathryn Tulip/Seeds of Change; Stephanie Cheung/Making a Difference-Asia [Hong Kong]; Arthur Zajonc, EVOLVE Magazine and network, European Permaculture Convergence, Montazul – Brazil, Youth Initiative Programme, Karsten Winnemuth/UOT-Kassel, Johanna Korndorfer, Vrye Onderwys, Holland; Eco-Art network and WEAD [Woman Artists Environmental Directory]; Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World; Nana Woo [Social Eurhythmy]; Anupam Singh and the Centre for Art and Social Practice [India]