We invite people with some experience and understanding in the field of social sculpture to become interns, working closely alongside SSRU staff, as part of the SSRU team. This is an opportunity to develop aspects of the field and the SSRUs work that might not otherwise be possible, whilst at the same time working closely alongside SSRU staff and developing your skills.

Internships are for 1-year periods.
They are non-funded positions, similar to apprenticeships or the German ‘praktikanten’. They might have regular weekly hours – from 4 hours to 20 hours a week – or, depending on the nature of the internship, they might be concentrated in blocks of time throughout the year (e.g. organising symposia and seminars). These hours might involve a mix of on and off-site work.

All internships are negotiated on an individual basis.
It depends on our needs and your needs. In special circumstances we will consider 6 month long internships. Internships require a different commitment to specific and short term volunteering.

Interns will receive a detailed report on their work at the end of their internship. Such internships are not only useful for acquiring skills but also can support future work applications.

If you are interested in an internship, please contact Shelley Sacks, Wolfgang Zumdick or Maris Palmi. Maris coordinates the interns and volunteers. 

Current interns: Markus Stefan and Annelinde Kirchgaesser.

Markus and Annelinde coordinate and facilitate the monthly Social Sculpture Initiatives Forum. They also take responsibility for updating certain parts of the website, and Annelinde coordinates the social media.