Research Associates

It is possible to be formally linked to the SSRU as a Research Associate – if you are researching and developing work that is closely connected to some aspect of the field of social sculpture and connective practices.

This is a non-funded position, but could benefit you by enabling you to make formal research and other funding applications linked to the SSRU. Research Associates can, if appropriate, also contribute to the SSRUs planning process and discussion of priorities.

If you feel your contribution to the field of social sculpture would be enhanced if you were formally linked to the SSRU, and you could anchor and frame your work with us – please do write to us. Tell us about your work and in what way you think being a research associate of the SSRU could be mutually beneficial.

Write to Shelley Sacks: or Wolfgang Zumdick:


Current Research Associates are:

Dr. Graham van Wyk

Prof. Alex Arteaga

Dr. Chris Seeley

Enno Schmidt

Volker Harlan