The SSRU offers a range of possibilities for participation and engagement in its work. You can engage with others in the field of social sculpture and contribute to our work at the same time!

We invite people with similar core values to contribute to the work of the SSRU and develop the field of social sculpture in many different ways. In this way the SSRU also supports the work of individuals and groups that have shared values, visions and intentions.


Opportunities to collaborate with the SSRU and/or the University of the Trees can be explored in a number of different ways. Read More


We invite people with some experience and understanding in the field of social sculpture to become interns, working closely alongside SSRU staff, as part of the SSRU team. Read More

Participate in Social Sculpture Fora

The Social Sculpture Initiatives Forum is an open forum. It is an opportunity for all past and present students, MAs and PhDs, to come together to develop initiatives in the field of social sculpture, beyond the frame of the graduate programmes. From 2014 there will also be regular, monthly University of the Trees Forum in Oxford. The PhD Social Sculpture Forum is primarily for current PhD students working in the field of social sculpture and related practices. Read More

Research Assistants

At times there are opportunities to apply to become a research assistant for a limited period to contribute to a particular project or research task. Read More

Research Associates

It is possible to be formally linked to the SSRU as a Research Associate – if you are researching and developing work that is closely connected to some aspect of the field of social sculpture and connective practices. Read More


The SSRU offers ‘researchers’ in the field of social sculpture or closely related practices the opportunity to become a researcher-in-residence with the SSRU for periods of between 3, 6 and 9 months. Read More


You can support us with a range of specific activities – offering one off to more regular support. Read More