PhD Students

In this section Doctoral students outline their research and the way their work explores questions related to social sculpture and connective practices.

Catazaro, Beatrice
– Participatory Art Practice: New Understandings of Intersubjective Space, Including Special Reference to the Bait al Karama (House of Dignity), in the Old City of Nablus, in the Palestinian Occupied Territories [Working title] (More coming soon)

Ewald, Axel 
– Reclaiming the Soul of Landscape and Reclaiming Landscape for the Soul: the Creation of Arenas for Imaginative Engagement with Place and its Fabric in an Ecologically Challenging, Socially and Politically Charged Environment (Read more)

Fox, Helena – 
From Anaesthetic to Aesthetic in the Clinic: an Enquiry into the Role of Embodied Ways of Knowing and ‘Connective Aesthetic’ Practices as a Further Dimension to Evidence-based Knowledge in Healthcare (Read more)

Goettel, Hans
 – The International Community as a Work of Art: Explorations of Dag Hammarskjoeld´s Lifework in Theory and Practice with Special Reference to the Field of Social Sculpture (Read more)

Heffernan, Charlotte
– Listening to All the Signals: Sense, Impulse, and the Fabric of Experience (More coming soon)

Johnson, Petra
 – Social Sculpture Practices as a Means of Valuing and Engaging with the Hidden Life of a Locality (Read more)

Lachlin, Pantea – 
Expanded Art Practices as Gateways to Social Inclusion (Read more)

McCallum, Will
 – Autonomous Spaces and Transformative Processes Toward an Ecologically Viable Future (Read more)

Palmi, Maris
 – The Role of the Artistic Mode in Transformative Process and its Transdisciplinary Relevance (More coming soon)

Regisford, Dianne – 
Beyond fragile beings in fragile states: Explorations in the Field of Social Sculpture Towards Strengthening Urban Resilience through Transformative Participatory Governance  in Sustainable Development Practice (More coming soon)

Schluermann, Claudia
 – ‘Material’ as Gateway to Other Forms of Knowing: What the Secrets in Materials and Processes Have to Offer in the Field of Transformative Social Practice (Read more)

Siber, Stephan – 
Aesthetic Education and Social Sculpture: Heinrich Marianus Deinhardt’s Unnoticed Contribution to the Evolution of Joseph Beuys’ ‘Expanded Conception of Art’ (More coming soon)

Singh, Anupam –
Memoirs of Altered Landscapes: a Dialogical Enquiry into Cultural Mapping [Working title] (More coming soon)

Stanley, Sarah
– Navigating The Ruins: Capitalism and Crisis, Trauma and Transformation [Working title] (More coming soon)

Ukpong, Wilfred
 – Blazon Chapters: Creative Interventions in the Margin of Two Worlds – Art and Social Praxis (Read more)


Barratt, Mary-lou
 – WE ARE THE REVOLUTION? – The ‘Creative Social Action’ of La Fiambrera, Skart and Superflex, and its Contribution to Sustainable Social Change (More coming soon)

Stronczyk, Nicholas
 – ‘Thinking in Form and (In)formed Thought’: An Exploration of Aesthetic Strategies and Methodologies in New Art Practices, with Special Reference to Joseph Beuys’ ‘Expanded conception of Art’ (Read more)

Thomas, Jo
 – Presencing Place: an Enquiry into the Knowing and Shaping of Place Through Expanded Art Practices (Read more)