PhD Students

In this section Doctoral students outline their research and the way their work explores questions related to social sculpture and connective practices.

Current students

Beatrice Catanzaro
Journey into relatedness: Ways to overcome the separation between inner and outer action, engender eco-social insight and facilitate new forms of trans-disciplinary connective practice, social sculpture and socially engaged art.

Axel Ewald
Reclaiming the Soul of Landscape and Reclaiming Landscape for the Soul:
Developing arenas for an imaginative and connective engagement with natural landscapes, places and trees (Read more)

Dr. Helena Fox
From Anaesthetic to Aesthetic in the Clinic: An arts-led enquiry to explore, design and develop ‘connective aesthetic’ processes to increase awareness and deepen attention to sensing and imagination in relation to everyday aspects of healthcare. A further dimension to evidence based knowledge. (Read more)

Hans Goettel
A poetic pilgrimage towards a cosmopolitan world: an exploration of Dag Hammarskjöld´s political vision and understanding, with special reference to the field of social sculpture and its value for global citizenship education. (Read more)

Katrin Hattenhauer
Knowing – Feeling – Changing:​ From Understanding to Action.

Annelinde Kirchgaesser
Earth Forum: a model for transformative learning practices and education for democracy

Martin Lofty
Exploring, transforming and mapping food webs through Social Sculpture and Connective Practice – with special reference to Tottenham, in London.

Hilly Raphael
Remembering memory: seeking an archetype for restor(y)ing body and earth

Dianne Regisford
Evoking Belonging: 
Igniting Ubuntu as a cultural meme through Social Sculpture strategies, participatory performance & cultural mapping, in the context of Urban Sustainable Development.

Stephan Siber
Aesthetic Education and Social Sculpture: Heinrich Marianus Deinhardt’s unnoticed contribution to the evolution of Joseph Beuys’ ‘expanded conception of art’

Markus Stefan
Activating the Field of Unfolding: An investigation of Contemporary Social Sculpture’s Holistic Contribution to the Field of Interdisciplinary Transformational Practice

Anna van Zelderen
From Recreation as Leisure to Re-Creation as Connective and Enlivened Ways of Being in the World

Wilfred Ukpong
Blazing Century: Creative Intervention in the Margins of Two Worlds – Art and Social Praxis

PhD COMPLETIONS in SSRU 2008 to 2016

Nicolas Stronzcyk
‘Thinking in Form and (In)formed Thought’: An Exploration of Aesthetic Strategies and Methodologies in New Art Practices, with Special Reference to Joseph Beuys’ ‘Expanded conception of Art’ (Read more)

Johnson, Petra

Composing the Ordinary: A Walking/Dialogical Arts Practice as Enquiry into the Role of Affects across Life Worlds and Cultures
(Read more)

Schluermann, Claudia
‘Material’ as Gateway to Other Forms of Knowing: What the Secrets in Materials and Processes Have to Offer in the Field of Transformative Social Practice (Read more)

Thomas, Jo
Presencing Place: an Enquiry into the Knowing and Shaping of Place Through Expanded Art Practices (Read more)

Mary-Lou Barret
We are the Revolution? The ‘creative social action’ of La Fiambrera, Skart and Superflex, and its contribution to sustainable social change.

Maris Palmi
The role of the artistic mode in transformative process and its transdisciplinary relevance


On the waiting list:
George Thierry Hanja / Nividita Saha / Martha Lameirao / Patricia Watts / Alice Flloyd / Sven Riemer


Director of Studies – all students – Prof. Shelley Sacks

Second Supervisors and Special Advisors
Dr. Wolfgang Zumdick [9 students]
Prof. Roger Griffen [1 student]
Prof. Nabeel Hamdi [1 student]
Janice Howard [2 students]
Prof. Bill Fullford [1 student]
Prof. Ray Lee [1] Prof. Paul Whitty [1 student]


Shelley Sacks/25 October 2017