Hans Goettel

The International Community as a Work of Art: Explorations of Dag Hammarskjoeld´s Lifework in Theory and Practice with Special Reference to the Field of Social Sculpture

This research is positioned in the context of civic education and Social Sculpture and explores the relation of Dag Hammarskjoeld’s (1905-1961) thinking and value in and for the much overlooked sphere of education toward a cosmopolitan way of being. It will engage with and present Hammarskjoeld´s idea of shaping international communities as a work of art and uncover the potential of Hammarskjoeld´s work for the development of a cosmopolitan mind-set and thinking as well as for global citizenship and strategies of global learning; finally it will relate Hammarskjoeld´s thinking to current socio-economic political movements on a global level such as the World Citizen Movement, Attac, the World Social Forum, the World Economic Forum in order to investigate the similarities and differences between current global initiatives and networks and Hammarskjoeld´s ideas of shaping an international community.


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