Our Focus

The Social Sculpture Research Unit (SSRU) is an interdisciplinary research forum and practice network.

new thinking, engagement and action in the field of social sculpture and related transformative practices

insights, methods and practices toward a humane and ecologically sustainable future

Creating opportunities
for new forms of enquiry and transformative action in which we are creative participants

Supporting research
on social sculpture and connective, transformative practices, including material on its influences and evolution

Connecting and contributing
to the growing community of practitioners in social sculpture and related fields of connective and transformative practice

Our commitment to an expanded conception of art and its significance for a free, democratic and ecologically viable future, involves exploring social sculpture and connective practices, whilst engaging with the work of Joseph Beuys and other thinkers and practitioners whose vision, formulations and works are central to this field.

Our Methodologies

Social sculpture can be understood as a multidimensional field of transformation toward a humane and ecologically viable future. It is particularly interested in connective practices and new methodologies of engagement. Read More

Our Questions

  • What is to be understood by Joseph Beuys’ ‘every human being is an artist’ and his ‘expanded conception of art’?
  • What does this offer us in our work toward an ecologically sustainable society?
  • What is the connection between social sculpture, transformative social process and direct democracy?
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Our Research Territories

Although the research network related to the SSRU represents many different interests, emphases and approaches, we are all connected by certain key commitments, understandings and motivations. Read More