Many dialogues and deliberations inform how the Social Sculpture Research Unit has grown and how this web-platform has been designed, conceptualised and structured.

Regarding the website we gratefully acknowledge the support and insight of the following people:


Rosa van Wyk – listened to what we wanted and needed and then re-designed it as a gift

Maris Palmi – for structuring and coordinating the process, and selecting and inputting material 

Wolfgang Zumdick – talked through the structure and has contributed texts

Stephan Siber – who rationalises all the irrational things and sorts all manner of problems

Volker Harlan – for many kinds of support, including texts, lectures, seminars

Johannes Stuettgen – for his willingness to allow his texts be used by the SSRU

Caroline Tisdall – has supported the SSRU in so many ways, including much of the funding for the development of this website

Paul Whitty – in his role as Research Lead for the School of Arts, has greatly supported the SSRU and the development of the new website

Alison Honour – Head of the School of Arts, who is committed to enabling the SSRU’s university programmes to flourish in a challenging climate


Others who have actively supported aspects of the SSRU’s work or the field of social sculpture with funding, advice and project assistance are:


Hildegard Kurt

Graham van Wyk

Walter Kugler

Sophie Millner-Aldrovandi

Markus Stefan

Annelinde Kirchgaesser

James Reed

Nicholas Stronczyk

Alex Arteaga

Ignaz Anderson, Iona Stichting

Enno Schmidt

Grundeinkommen Network

Earth3000 – Maritta Kochweser

Cultura 21 [Davide Brocchi, Sacha Kagan]

FIU Verlag – Rainer Rappmann

Jo Kernon

Rebecca Gasson

Chris Seeley

Ian Cook

Steve King

Stephanie Fuller

Ian George

Jane Rendell

Anja Steckling

Ruth Millar

Lukas Oertel

Bodo von Plato

Dianne Regisford

Will McCallum

Anke Lowensprung

Claudia Schluermann

Ruth Harvey-Regan

Richard Demarco

Janhavi Dhamankhar

OYA [Matthias Fersterer, Lara Malien and Johannes Heimrath]

Emerson College – Rudolf Keesbach

Citizen Art Days [Stefan Kruskemper, Maria Linares, Kerstin Polzin]

Schweisfurth Foundation –Franz Theo Gottwald