Graduate Study

Social sculpture and related transdisciplinary territories can be explored, researched and developed in a context linked to the Social Sculpture Research Unit’s projects, both practice-based and theoretical, and to its networks of people.

These programmes offer students an opportunity to undertake independent and collaborative explorations in social sculpture and related connective practices whilst linked to an active and growing network of practitioners, groups and projects.

Although this network represents many different interests, emphases and approaches, what connects us all is:

  • an expanded view of ‘capital’ and of art
  • an emphasis on joined up thinking and practice
  • an understanding of the connection between inner and outer work, between imagination and transformation, and how we can all become ‘agents of change’
  • a perception of crises as opportunities for consciousness
  • an exploration of different forms of ‘knowing’
  • a view that the ecological crisis is not just about the environment out there
  • a recognition of the connection between aesthetics and ethics: between imagination, the experiential and our ability-to-respond
  • an enquiry into the philosophy and practice of freedom
  • a conviction that freedom and responsibility are inseparable
  • an understanding that new forms of community and collectives require and depend on the response-able, aware, individual
  • a commitment to shaping a humane and ecologically viable world.

Options for graduate study include:

Masters by Research in Social Sculpture

For those with experience in social sculpture or closely related fields wanting to develop a practice-based or theoretical research project in the field of Social Sculpture and transformative / connective practices. Read More

Doctoral Research in Social Sculpture

(practice-based, part practice-part text and purely text-based)

For people interested in doing practice-based research and theoretical explorations in social sculpture and related areas. Read More

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