Key Themes

A number of key themes and questions underpin our work. The list is not closed or complete, but gives some idea of important concerns and explorations.

Every Human Being is an Artist

New Organs of Perception

Imagination and Transformation


Inner technologies

The relationship between Individual and Collective

Autonomous Zones

Freedom and Responsibility

Direct Democracy

The Connection between Inner and Outer Work

Imagination, Intuition, Inspiration as Forms of Thought


Associative Economics

Basic Income

Transformative Process

The Death Point

Difficulties as Resources

Phenomenological Practice

The ‘Permanent Conference’

The Wound

Renewable Energies, Renewable Culture

Working with the ‘invisible materials’

Parallel Process

Different Forms of Knowing

Experiential Knowing


Dialogue with Oneself/Dialogue with the World

‘Instruments of Consciousness’

Overcoming Denial

Connective Practice

Enabling Empathy

Facilitating Active Engagement

Rethinking Progress

Post Growth Consciousness

Aesthetics and Responsibility

Methods of Enlivenment

An Expanded Understanding of the Senses

The ‘I’ Sense

Coming to our Senses


An alternative, mobile university

Recognising our relationship to the ‘world out there’

Internal mobilisation

Different modes of thinking

Overcoming the polarisation of thinking and feeling

Re-thinking thinking

Anti-capitalist practice

Capacity Building

Shaping a Viable Future

Learning how to think together


Commoning and the Commons

Becoming Agents of Change