SSRU Events

University of the Trees [UOT]
Up and coming events July, August, September 2015

UOTv2 with scale

UOT-KASSEL Microlab for New Thinking and an Eco-Social Future

a/ Earth Forum and Field of Commitment
Fritzlaw -Kassel Region
31 July [for local community group]

b/ Earth Forum – Lutherplatz
Saturday 1 August: Contact Karsten Winnemuth

c/ University of the Trees – Field of Commitment
Sunday 2 August Contact Karsten Winnemuth

d/University of the Trees – Field of Commitment
Thomas Hoeffer/Kunstwerkstatt-Kassel
Monday 3 August 10 am

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a/ Collaboration with Citizen Art Days
28/29/30 August 2015
See Program details and booking

b/ Earth Forum for Citizen Art Days
Monday 31 August 2015
For details and booking

c/ Reflections on Earth Forum and UOT
Wed 2 September 2015
Meeting with Earth Forum ‘Responsible Participants’ 19.00 – 22.00
With Shelley Sacks, Markus Stefan and Annelinde Kirchgaesser
Venue: Freies Museum, Berlin

d/ Introducing new UOT collaborative reflection process to Berlin group
Tuesday 1 Sept and Wednesday 2 Sept 2015
Working with new UOT handbooks for Earth Forum and UOT participants
With Markus Stefan, Annelinde Kirchgaesser and Shelley Sacks
Individual and small group meetings to be arranged with individuals and small groups

University of the Trees- Berlin, Launch Event, 2011

Earth Forum and Training team of Earth Forum ‘Responsible Participants’
4-6 Sept 2015

In preparation for the UMUNDU Festival 16 -24 October 2015
See below

Creative Challenge – Residential Workshop – ‘Everything You Own You Must Keep!’

2014 February 5-10, Le Havre, France

Supported by the ICR project and EU Interreg programme ‘France (Channel) – England (2007 – 2013)’.

Participants/Collaborators: Around 30 students and 10 Creative Challenge mentors plus workshop leaders from University of the Creative Arts, ESADHaR, the Creative Challenge programme and the Social Sculpture Research Network.

Shelley Sacks will run a one-day workshop on the 6th of February: ‘Working with our invisible materials’.