FIU-South Africa 1977-1985

Actions and projects of the FIU branch in South Africa from 1977- 1983

Bakery Tapes 1977-1978

Documentation of dialogues towards setting up a bakery work collective based on FIU-Third Road principles

Heat Generators 1979-80

Parallel process dialogue actions -exploring the FIU-Third Road ideas

Awareness Programmes 1978-80

Workshops and forums with youth exploring methods based on distinction between awareness and information

What is Work? 1978

Series of workshop programmes linked to the Institute for Social Development

Zakhe – Resources for Cooperative Development

Organisation that emerged out of the FIU, faciltating alternative forms of work and new thinknig about basic income

Third Road dialogs 1979-85

A series of dialogues with underground organisations exploring the Third Road proposals