Participate in Social Sculpture Fora

Social Sculpture Initiatives Forum
The Social Sculpture Initiatives Forum is an open forum. It is an opportunity for all past and present students, MAs and PhDs, to come together to develop initiatives in the field of social sculpture, beyond the frame of the graduate programmes. It is also an opportunity for those in related fields who have not done the programme or are not currently involved with the SSRU, to connect with others, develop collaborations and become active in the field of social sculpture.

This forum takes place monthly, and is site based, in Oxford. We will try to organise skype connections as needed. If you would like to participate, please contact the convenors of the forum: Markus Stefan and Annelinde Kirchgaesser. This forum is advertised on Facebook and the News section of this site.


University of the Trees Forum
From 2014 there will also be regular, monthly University of the Trees forum in Oxford. Although these monthly meetings will take place in Oxford this UOT forum is open to all UOT groups and members, and we will try to arrange appropriate skype connections that work with the different time zones. Dates of the UOT fora to be announced on the UOT and SSRU websites. Notes from the UOT forum, where relevant will be on the members section of UOT site. Please contact Shelley Sacks to discuss this.


PhD Social Sculpture Forum
The PhD Social Sculpture Forum is primarily for current PhD students working in the field of social sculpture and related practices. These fora take place 3 to 4 times a semester. A number of Masters students usually participate, as do ‘visitors’ who are considering undertaking doctoral or postdoctoral research linked to the SSRU. Participation in this forum is by prior arrangement. Please contact Shelley Sacks to discuss this.