There is only one field of transformation. No-one is outside.
Shelley Sacks 

This statement is one of the creative, strategic forms we use to highlight the multitude of different levels on which we can and need to work. It confirms that we are all potential ‘agents of change’.

It is also designed to give every one of us:

  • the encouragement and confidence to act
  • a sense of our responsibility to explore all opportunities for transformative action

This idea of a continuous field also makes it easier to understand why we say that ‘social sculpture emphasises the link between inner and outer work’.



All the work we do involves processes and transactions of different kinds, at different levels – in the field of transformation.

Some of these transactions work with non-physical materials – like questions, speech, discussion, listening processes – what Beuys described as the ‘invisible materials’ of social sculpture.

Recent projects, processes and transactions include:

Orts des Treffens

University of the Trees

Thought Wedges – for the Nobel Laureates Symposium on Climate Change  2009

Working with Questions:

  • Alanus University November 2008 and November 2009
  • Coming to Conversation -Dornach, Switzerland, November 2009
  • Shaping a Sustainable Society as an Aesthetic Challenge -Summer 2009 (Weimar-Jena Akademie)
  • The Substance Group: Switzerland and Germany, February 2007 to September 2009