Will McCallum

Autonomous Spaces and Transformative Processes Toward an Ecologically Viable Future

My research (50% theory, 50% practice-based) examines the potential of autonomous spaces to bring about changes in attitudes, within those who participate in them, that could lead to or contribute to the wider societal changes needed for an ecologically viable society. The investigation is premised on Lefebvre‘s theory of the production of space ,Castoriadis‘ definition of autonomy as a continuous critical engagement with self-legislation, as well as numerous case studies drawn from social sculpture practitioners, the contemporary arts world, examples of protest and activism in the UK and elsewhere, and cyber-activity. Through practice-based research, generally taking the form of creative interventions in public arenas, I am looking at whether it is possible, and also useful, to deliberately produce space that engenders the experience of autonomy (and consequently agency). The qualifier of success is the participants‘ ability and desire to continue to take action towards an ecologically viable society beyond the framework of the autonomous space.



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